The hiatus has ended! Where’d the Time Go? has been on a bit of a break as we all have gotten busy and needed some time to refocus and kick it back in gear. Where’d the Blog Go? has been on a much longer hiatus since we stopped using it as a dumping ground for our Let’s Play videos. We put a halt to that practice since it violated the spirit of creating a blog; this is not a place to just link our videos in and call it a day.

A blog should be a place to incite conversations, share opinions, tell stories; it is a place to let the written word flourish. Visual media can be used to bolster the written word, but not replace or ignore it, and that is what happened here on Where’d the Blog Go?. So, WtTG is bringing back WtBG to celebrate all things videogames through a once a week post that will either bring to light an important facet of the videogame industry, be an op-ed on either a hot topic or news announcement or could just be a sharing of something special involving videogames. Also, there will be a once a week posting summarizing the past week’s released videos since our primary output is let’s plays and this option is the best way to keep this blog out of the realms of a dumping ground while still promoting the main facet of Where’d the Time Go?.

Expect to come here next Sunday and have a freshly minted post on the culture and/or industry of videogames and expect a Saturday post linking to any videos you may have missed. We are excited to be bringing back Where’d the Blog Go? in a more focused manner to best create an outlet of videogame discussion.

– Jason