Where'd the Time Go?

Playing good games with good friends.


Where'd the Time Go (Light Color) V4

About Where’s the Time Go?

Where’d the Time Go? is an internet entertainment company dedicated to creating videos that celebrate videogames and the culture that surrounds them. Our primary production is let’s play videos. You can find us at the various links below and don’t hesitate to contact us!

About this site:

This WordPress site’s focus is to provide a hub for all things WtTG from the posting of new videos to updates and thoughts from a member of the crew. We will be able to better share new and exciting ideas we have with the community while being able to better interact with the community.

The categories you will find two primary categories: Let’s Plays and Just Talking. The Let’s Play category will be where we post a weekly recap of the let’s play videos we released, and the Just Talking category are discussion posts on the ins and outs of the videogame industry at large or other ramblings.

Don’t forget to follow this blog and check us out at the below links!

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