Last Thursday the Where’d the Time Go crew got invited to go to a very special, super awesome, inside look at the development company PHL Collective! Located in Philadelphia, this game development company was started up in 2013 and have so far released the fantastic game ClusterPuck 99 with many more exciting things in process!

Jason, Jeff, Dave, and I loaded up in my Jetta wagon and drove off into Philly!


After about a 40 minute drive, we arrived downtown only to discover a vehicle parked on a rooftop. Even after much speculation, we still could not figure out how it could have gotten up there…Thoughts?


As we paced up and down the streets of Philadelphia trying to figure out which building PHL collective could be in, we finally risked it and busted into a charter school at the cross-section that we were given. Thankfully, we were in the right place and were quickly greeted by founder Nick Madonna. He brought us upstairs, where we were given a tour of their offices, and were shown some behind the scenes action of some new games that they have in the works. They very graciously treated us to pizza, and then it was game on…PHL vs. WtTG style!



Well, surprise surprise, we got our butts whooped, but as we started to switch up teams and get more competitive, we upped our game! (Well, sort of ;P) You all can decide which team you think was best haha!

As you will see, ClusterPuck 99 is the perfect game to bring a whole group together and get back to some face to face competitive gameplay that many games have let go by the wayside! So grab a group of friends, your controllers, and a comfy couch, because once you start playing you will be as addicted as we were!

After over two hours of intense gameplay, we finally started to say our goodbyes to let these gaming masterminds get back to work. But not before we could get a few group photos in!



All in all, we had a fantastic day of good games with great company, and can’t wait to see all the guys soon! Thank you again PHL Collective for creating ClusterPuck and letting us join you for a day we won’t soon forget!

So stay tuned for the video of our time with this awesome crew, and please help us spread the word about this fantastic group play game!



The WtTG crew