Hello audience!

Between today and yesterday WtTG has released two different types of Let’s Plays that we have been calling “Indie Preview.” (Found here and here) The largest difference with these two let’s plays versus our other Crew Plays is that these games are very new and right now, that’s about it.

The videos are previews of new indie games being released, but the commentary remains largely unchanged. We make mention of the studio behind the game and that it is new, and where to find the game when it is released, but these videos should not be considered reviews. Reviewing titles is not what Where’d the Time Go? is about. We are about gathering some friends to have fun playing videogames, and these “Indie Previews” are an extension of that philosophy. We just want to do what we can in spreading news about exciting new titles coming out in the indie sphere of games.

We cannot wait to grab up some other indie games to preview for you to enjoy, so keep watching and reading.