Hello fellow internet travelers!

Talking about a little reformatting of the “Jay Plays” series today.

As previously discussed the purpose of the series was to highlight lesser known, newly released indie titles, but time and budget restraints have pushed me to jump into the catalog of indie titles I already own. The series will now be both about new indie titles, when possible, and indie titles you may have missed or hesitated in buying when the title was first released.

The videos will still be 15 to 30 minuets, opening with some facts about the developer and publisher and an overview of the game play with the game being actively played. The changes are only the time frame of the game’s release will be larger and the notoriety of the game may be known more so than not.

I cannot wait for you to see the new “Jay Plays” I have planned for you, so stick around and thank you for reading and watching!


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