I am announcing a new new video series for Where’d the Time Go? called Jay Plays (working title, maybe.) This series will fall under the solo play category of our let’s plays and will focus on little known games, probably indie, that may be worth your time. The videos are not necessarily reviews, but more like an overview. I will discuss a little about the developer of the game and some little facts I find about the developers and then go over the game itself. I will have already played the game enough to get through the basic tutorial levels, so we are not stuck just watching me learning how to play the game. These videos will come out about once a month and will be on a game that has either come out that same month or in the past three to four months previous, but a game a little older than that may pop up from time to time.

Any suggestions on little known indie games that you think need some recognition are welcomed and look for the first episode in the upcoming weeks!

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